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Course Dates 2017

New term dates are as follows:

ALL Monday classes :

5 week course     9th October – 6 November 

5 week course     13th November – 11th December


ALL Tuesday classes: 


7 week course: 5th September – 17 October

7 week course  31st October – 12th December


Wednesday classes at Salvation Army Centre

7 week course         6th September – 18th October

7 week course:      1st November – 13th December


Thursday Classes at Salvation Army Centre: 

7 week course        7th September – 19th October

7 week course        2nd November – 14th December

6 week BEGINNERS  COURSE  2nd November – 6th December









Pilates can:

–  Tone and shape your body
–  Improve your posture
–  Enhance your Sense of Well Being
–  Help you manage back pain
–  Improve your physical strength and flexibility

“In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in twenty
you’ll see the difference, and in thirty you’ll have a
new body” Joseph Pilates



I came to Suzanne’s class after falling on a wet floor, resulting in a back injury.  After attending classes my core muscles became stronger and this helped with the pain in my back.  I also found that my balance was better and I gained more confidence. Suzanne is a very good pilates teacher with a great understanding of any medical condition the members of her class had.   After each class I felt really fit and  feel so much stronger now.”

Ann Fish